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Casarena Roble


Mendoza, Argentina

Alc. 13.5 %

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Casarena is focused on bringing out the best of specific terroir within the varied sub-regions of Lujan de Cuyo. Headed by Micheal Rolland, esteemed winemaker, Caserana produces impeccable wines at really affordable prices. We find great expression and balance here, and we hope you enjoy this Malbec as much as we do - this should be your 'textbook' reference of a great Mendoza Malbec!

Malbec flourishes in Argentina and the grape is synonymous with the country, and vice versa, but there are many regions with particular attributes that create unique wine within the country. Not all Malbec is created the same. Here, in Lujan de Cuyo, just south of Mendoza, the Malbec is produced within the rain shadow of the Andes, where the vineyards thrive in a hot and dry climate. The altitude of the vineyards provides a reprieve from the heat, while although the daytime sun ripens the grapes fully, the cool evenings and mountain breeze keeps the vines cool. This balance creates wines with intense phenolic ripeness and produces great aromatics while ripening fully into plush and fuller bodied texture. Serve at 18 C and enjoy tonight, or hang on to this one for a while. Although this wine isn't meant to age long, its acidity and relative youth will hold strong until 2024.


Fruit forward first, and that's how we like it. There is a bundle of berries, from raspberry to blackberry, which are ripe and rich, with lovely aromatics. Secondary notes of vanilla and smoke provide sweet and savoury that play well with the bold fruit base.


We dare you to try and find someone who doesn't like this wine. Definitely a crowd-pleaser, keep this around as your 'house wine' for unexpected visitors (or virtual drinks). There is a solid backbone with tannins that provide texture and tension, along with cleansing acidity that keeps the rich berry notes fresh and lively. This is perfectly balanced and sure to impress a tough critic. The secondary notes from the nose get stronger with time, and we find a briar patch medley through the finish.


Hanger steaks make for great tacos, marinated & liberally seasoned. Add your favourite toppings, like caramelized onion and peppers.

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