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Cantina di Negrar Le Roselle



Cantina di Negrar Le Roselle

Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Veneto, Italy

Alc. 13.5 %




Not far outside Verona, you can find the established and beautiful vineyards of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar. Founded in 1933, with over 85 years of winemaking experience now under their belts, you can expect exceptional wines to come from the Cantina brands. At the core of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar is their Cantina di Negrar line of wines, which focusses on traditional Veronese and Valpolicella wine-making, with a modern twist. The influence of modern winemaking techniques that Cantina utilizes, allows for more accessible price points while still offering wine that is top-tier. As another nod to their modern ways, Cantina is very upfront about their efforts to work sustainably and create wine in an eco-friendly environment. The entire process to get the wine in its ready-state takes over 24 months. Which we think is well worth the wait for such an exceptional wine!

The grapes used in the La Roselle wine are 70% Corvina grapes, rounded out by equal portions of Corvinone and Rondinella. This blend of Italian native varietals are harvested by hand before double fermentation — first in stainless steel vats followed by on the lees of Amarone. These processes paired with the combination of grapes used, creates a beautiful dry red wine with well-distributed taste and aroma. La Roselle can be cellared for a few years and served between 16 - 18 C.


Wild and brambly with fresh picked cherries, currants and raspberries. There are rustic aromas of leather, grilled herbs, cigar box and oak. Menthol and peppercorn give a fresh spice, elevating broody aromas. The fruit profile is tight and needs some coaxing, gentle glass swirling will work!


At first sip, the rugged and freshly picked berries from the aroma follow to the palate. Playful bright berries are intermingled with earth, briar patch and oak. The fruit profile is both tart and sharp, as well as vine-ripened and rich. Impeccable balance of flavours makes this wine easy to drink and sophisticated - nothing is yelling at us, and all notes are intermingled gracefully. The acidity is moderate, slow building and lightly fresh, while the tannins are lean and slightly drying. The finish lingers with bitterness of grilled cherries and plum skin.


Risotto is the way to go! From classic with parmesan, to gourmet mushroom, or served alongside osso bucco. The creamy, rich and satisfying dish will be a classic pairing!

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