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J. Navascués Cutio Macabeo




J. Navascués Cutio Macabeo


Cariñena, Spain

Alc. 14 %

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Unmistakably the most prominent white grape grown in Rioja, Macabeo is also commonly known as Viura. You have likely tried Macabeo without even knowing, as it is frequently used as a blending grape in Cava sparkling wine. This doesn't mean that Macabeo can't shine on its own though. Known for its herbaceous, floral, and oaky attributes, Macabeo is a wonderful option for those oaked Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio fans who want to branch out a little. We're frequently showcasing Spanish wines here at WineCollective and Macabeo is an important part of Spain's wine industry that we encourage everyone to try.

This particular bottle from winemaker Jorge Navascues' 'Cutio' line is the perfect place to start your Macabeo exploration. The son of renowned oenologist and wine critic Mariano Navascues, Jorge is following closely in his father's footsteps and creating outstanding wines. With the 'Cutio' line, from the Aragon dialect word meaning "eternal", Jorge has created a lineup of wines that are both his own interpretation of Spain's wine stars, as well as the traditional grapes that thrive in his native country. Enjoy your next glass at a chilled 8 C now until 2024.


Pouring a beautiful golden hue with glints of silver, this wine is soft in look and on the nose. Scents of subtle citrus like lemon and clementine, mix with crisp pear, almond, and wet stone. Nothing is overpowering and the blend of notes together are very inviting.


Much of what we found on the nose also comes across to our palate. Almond, lemon, and apple are at the forefront with soft brioche tones that help soften the citrus. We really love how well integrated the flavours are without anything being too prominent. Some subtle floral notes come through before a distinct salinity that adds great structure. We can't wait to serve this with dinner!


Try this wine with lemon butter tilapia and crispy roasted potatoes. It will pair well with most any seafood dish and works as a great aperitif to get your tastebuds going.

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