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14 Alcohol


In 1850, the discovery of gold brought an estimated 300,000 settlers from Europe to Australia and with them, came their love of wine. By 1890, the industry was halted as it was hit by an infestation of insects (known as phylloxera) that destroyed vines and their roots. It wasn't until the 1960s and 70s that interest in an Australian wine industry began to reappear. Since then, there has been an immensely successful campaign to associate Australia with the Shiraz grape which has propelled the country's wine production to triple since 1990. Today, tucked into the southeast corner of Australia, the region of Victoria covers about 250,000 km (roughly the size of the state of Texas) and is the smallest of the country's three main regions. It is also home to more wineries than any other state. Straying away from many of the traditional typeface labels, Sixty Clicks grabs your attention with their whirlwind print adventure. Altogether, the product reflects their love of exceptional wine and a great time! Serve now at 18 C.

How it looks

How it smells

The medium garnet colour captures our attention as soon as we pour it into the glass. A few hearty swirls and it is brimming with a burst of bright and fresh red fruits like raspberry and bramble, coming together with a touch of chocolate. We also find a tempting, light spicy element.

How it tastes

Fresh and bright red fruits like bramble, raspberry, and cherry burst from the glass, and are there to greet us right away. We are pleased with the subtle spice of white pepper and clove that intermingles with the fruit and silky tannins as they cover our palates. There is a stimulating acidity that accompanies the medium body and a drawn-out finish. We love this approachable Shiraz that is just as lively and diverse as the country it hails from!

Recommended food pairing

Perfect for the first BBQ of the season. Impress your inner circle (and yourself) by pairing this perfectly with a tender and smoky pork shoulder.

2018Sixty Clicks

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