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Fonte dei Borghi


Chianti, Italy

Alc. 12.5 %




Did you know, Chianti (Kee - yahn-Tee) is the region where the wine is grown and produced, but it is also synonymous with the style of wine that is produced there? Created with mostly Sangiovese, Chianti can also include up to 30% of other approved varietals, but this wine from Corbinelli is 100% Sangiovese!

Sangiovese is finicky to grow and the resulting wine is a direct reflection of its terroir and cultivation. This is why it might seem odd that this grape is home to Chianti, Tuscany. Although the region provides a warm climate, it is prone to rain early in the fall and risks fruit not ripening fully. Only about 10% of Chianti is planted with vineyards, which ideally fall between 150-550 meters on south facing slopes. This late ripening, vigorous grape require lots of care in the vineyard. Canopy management to ensure adequate sunlight reaches the grapes, thinning vines to lower yields are some of the manual measures taken to ensure a quality wine.

We are excited to share this wine with you, one of our new favourite finds from Fonte dei Borghi Chianti, of Azienda Agricola Corbinelli, which has been owned by the same family since the early 1800s. It's an approachable classic, perfect for casual dinners. Stored properly, this wine will retain its acidity and balanced nature well until 2023, but this doesn't necessarily mean you should wait to enjoy. Meant to drink today, a few swirls in your glass will open this Chianti right up. Serve at 18 C.


When fruit and herbal combine, we have the perfect Chianti. Known for tart cherry flavours, joined by vegetal and herbal flavours, look for notes of tomato, soil, leaf, and cherry blossom, alongside the early season picked berries.


Mild in texture, this is a smooth and easy sip, with just enough cottony tannins to compliment the acidity we look for in our Sangiovese. The tart berries and crunchy fruit offer freshness and a crisp, juicy flavour. The herbal and vegetal components are muted on the palate, but still find a place in a general garrigue quality and earthy presence that's just enough.


Pizza and pasta night staple, anything with a red sauce will do well. Red lentils cook really fast, so making a dahl/daal/dal is an ideal, flavourful, and easy meal. Paprika, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, turmeric, and tomatoes are all flavours that will welcome this Chianti, and best served with rice and naan.

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