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Les Oliviers

Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino

Pays d'Oc

12 Alcohol


Winemaking duo Samantha Bailey and Guillaume Letang take on winemaking in a way that isn't as well-known to the average wine drinker. It's not a unique process, but has many advantages that traditional vineyards don't have. The team searches for the best vineyards, producing their ideal grapes, which they then bring to their own vineyard for wine production. Not only does this ensure they are only working with the best fruit possible, but it protects them from having to deal with some of the natural stressors that come with winemaking, like weather and terroir changes. The end result from Bailey and Letang are really fun, lively wines that routinely win awards and please tastebuds around the world. This particular blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Vermentino comes from the Languedoc region. It's a fantastic duo, beautifully complementing each other to create the ideal blend of texture and zippy acidity. Our minds are racing with all the possible dinner combos we can serve this one with! Enjoy Les Oliviers now or by 2022 at a chilled 8 C.

How it looks

How it smells

Full of citrus notes, our tastebuds are immediately watering at the scent of bright citrus like lemon and lime. Its pale yellow colour shines brightly in the glass and after a some time the green apple and grapefruit notes come to life. Very inviting and exciting wine.

How it tastes

Many of the notes from the nose run through the palate as well. Plenty of citrus and tart green apple, without being bitter or sour. This is a drier wine with only a mild sweetness, and the dryness is nicely evened out by the acidity and a hint of stone that is by no means overpowering. Some peach and florals like honeysuckle appear before a smooth finish. A really easy, refreshing white.

Recommended food pairing

A fresh vegetable stir-fry or a spicy Thai curry would be the perfect complement to the citrusy notes in this wine. You can really amp up the spice game when you serve alongside this blend.

2019Les Oliviers

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