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13th Street Winery Gamay



13th Street Winery Gamay


Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

Alc. 12.5 %

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It is hard to find a winery that isn't picturesque and awe inspiring - a joy of the business is the beautiful surroundings. However, there are some wineries that are just a bit more special when it comes to ambiance. 13th Street is one of those places, a 'must visit' for anyone in the area. Did we forget to mention they have a bakery? Can't get any better than scenery, wine, and butter tarts!

Farmed from a blend of two different vineyards, the Whitty and the Sandstone. The Whitty Vineyard borders the winery to 4th Avenue (yes, the winery is not actually located on 13th Street, but 4th Avenue). In addition to Gamay, the Whitty Vineyard is also home to Pinot Noir. The Sandstone Vineyard is rather sought after and acclaimed, it was planted in 1983. Home to the winery's award winning Gamays and Chardonnays, this locale is near Four Mile Creek, a very warm appellation, and owned by friends of the winery.

Gamay, somewhat similar to Pinot Noir, is a wine that you can chill down. With lighter tannins, you will not experience the bitterness as you would with a cold Cabernet. A refreshing red that should be served at 12-15 C and enjoyed before 2021.


Bright and brambly bush berries, from strawberry, cherry and some currant. Light lingerings of florals add accents of freshness and a bit of perfume, creating elegant aromas. A few swirls give us more mineral background and opens up a juicier array of fruits.


Gamay is a kind of wine that allows the drinker to decide what they want to get out of it. Not many other wines can balance the ability of being quaffable and complex at the same time. Bright berry flavours are fresh and inviting on the palate, with layers of sweet and hot spices that mingle through the finish. The perfecting acidity allows your tongue to stay fresh and calls for another sip, while still offering enough body and length in flavour for those who want to sip and ponder.


The winery suggests "pepperoni pizza, shepherd’s pie, pasta Bolognese or veggie stir fry". It really is that versatile! As we enter spring, we love the idea of BBQ chicken kabobs on a rice pilaf.

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