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Burnt Ship Bay

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

Alc. 13.5 %

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Burnt Ship Bay, a small bay in the heart of the Niagara River, is known for the wreckage of several French ships that went down during the 7 Years War in the mid-eighteenth century. The remnants of the ships remained visible in the bay until late in the nineteenth century. These ships were said to have been transporting a good deal of treasure, but it has never been recovered...

In addition to its wealth of history, the Niagara Peninsula is Canada's largest area of planted vineyards. The nearby Lake Ontario is so large it regulates temperature in the surrounding area year-round! Combined with the abundance of sunshine during growing season, this is an ideal spot to cultivate wine in Canada. With 46 grape varietals planted over 13,600 acres, over 55% of Ontario's Vintners Quality Association (VQA) choose to plant their roots in this region.

A classic example of Ontario wine, Burnt Ship Bay is also the official wine supplier of the Hockey Hall of Fame! Drink now or save for up to 3 years. Enjoy at 18 C.


A few swirls and we're brought back to the days of Mom making preserves in the kitchen. An abundance of jammy raspberry and blueberry notes emerge from the glass. Hints of liquorice and cassis intermingle with the slightest suggestion of graphite to balance the sweetness of the fruit.


Fruits and baking spices abound! Especially blackberry, cherry, raspberry, and blueberry that coalesce with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. There's a subtle spiciness with the faintest hint of cedar that leaves us pleasantly surprised. Unusually ripe for a Niagara wine, the chalky tannins, medium body, and healthy acidity will leave you wanting more! This young Cabernet Merlot has plenty of complexity to offer with a drawn-out finish.


In a perfect world, we'd be drinking this with veal schnitzel and bacon jam! On a less ambitious note, we'd suggest your favourite pork and veal dishes.

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