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Lucha Rocosa


Curico Valley

13.5 Alcohol


This wine is from the Curicó Valley, which is part of Chile's Central Valley. It is located just south of the Chilean capital of Santiago, at a similar latitude to the southern tip of Spain. Although European vines have been growing in the Curicó since the mid-1800s, modern wine production began in the late 1970s, when Spanish winemaker Miguel Torres decided to explore the possibilities of the area, bringing new technologies such as stainless steel tanks that are now very common in the Chilean wine industry. Torres’ experimentation encouraged foreign investment, which led to increased plantings of worthy grape varieties for the area. The Lontue and Teno rivers that flow through the Curicó Valley have a significant effect on wine growing. The region's varied soils are derived from limestone and volcanic rock from the Andes and have been deposited in the valley over time by the rivers as well as by gravity. These soils are slightly more fertile than in many other wine regions of Chile which makes for good quality wine grapes. Curicó was considered to be a southern part of the sprawling Maule wine region, but is now recognized as a region of its own. Curicó's vineyards are planted with more varieties than anywhere else in Chile. This wine should be served at 16 C. Cellar from now to 2024.

How it looks

How it smells

The nose on this wine is complex and has a lot going on. There are notes of blackcurrant, blackberry, plum, rhubarb, cherry cough drop, and some floral and leafy scents. It also has some pleasing aromas of wet rocks.

How it tastes

This wine is edgy and has a pleasant, but subtle fizz across the palate. This medium bodied wine has tangy acidity and zippy tannins, and a lovely purity of fruit, exhibited with: blackberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, and plum, with some spice flavours and a hint of black pepper at the end. It has a long, fresh finish leaving you wanting more!

Recommended food pairing

This wine begs to be paired with rich and rustic food - cassoulet, slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with herbs and garlic, or a spicy bean casserole.

2018Lucha Rocosa

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