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Pinot Nero

Trentino, Italy

Alc. 13 %

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Trentino is a province in northeastern Italy, in the Italian Alps, close to the Austrian border. The region was previously under Austrian control and was annexed to Italy after World War I. Within the dramatic, mountainous landscapes, Trentino is a very important wine producing area. It clocks in at just over 25,000 acres of vines, while the region only accounts for about 1.6% of Italy’s vineyards. White wines in the area dominate, but Pinot Nero is one of the main red grapes that it grows.

The Pinot Nero grape variety originates from Burgundy, where it is known as Pinot Noir. It thrives when grown in areas with large fluctuations in temperature during the grape growing season. The Valle di Cembra climate has chilly winds that rise off the nearby alpine mountain range. These fluctuations ensure that aromas, flavours, and acidity are optimal. The terraced vineyards are grown at some of the highest elevations in Italy - about 700 metres above sea level.

Enjoy this wine at 14 C from now until 2023.


The nose on this Pinot Nero possesses delicate aromas that evoke forest fruits, sour red cherry, and raspberry, alongside some rose and violet perfume. A touch of herbal and some smoky notes can be noticed as well. There are also some savoury mushroom and leafy characteristics.


On the palate, this wine is dry, light, soft, and silky, with a gentle acidity. This is an elegant wine that displays red fruit flavours of raspberry, red cherry, pomegranate, cranberry, and strawberry, while also presenting some tobacco leaf, mushroom, earthy forest floor, and a slight hint of smoke.


This Pinot Nero would pair nicely with salty, firm cheese, like Piave. It would also work really well with a homemade pasta in a rosé sauce.

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