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Wynns Coonawarra Estate



Wynns Coonawarra Estate


Coonawarra, Australia

Alc. 13.8 %

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Named for an Aboriginal word translated as 'honeysuckle', Coonawarra is an isolated, cool climate region, renowned for its geological and climatic characteristics which help to create the highest quality grapes. Located 450 kilometres from Melbourne and 380 kilometres from Adelaide, Coonawarra's notoriety comes from a natural soil phenomenon called ‘terra rossa’, which is a low, cigar-shaped ridge that stretches 20 kilometres long and up to two kilometres wide. Meaning 'red earth', terra rossa soil is rich and it drains freely. It is one of the best soils in Australia for growing grape vines, and ideal for creating small, intensely coloured berries which naturally develop in optimal sunlight. The result is intensely-flavoured grapes, perfect for premium wines.

The Wynns Coonawarra Estate was established in 1951, with history dating back to the late 1800s, and is one of the region's most important wine producers. It is also the largest single vineyard holder, with some of the best vineyard sites in Coonawarra. Serve this wine at 18 C, from now until 2024.


This Shiraz has bright, ripe fruit aromas - dark cherry, raspberry, blackberry, and cassis. There are additional notes of red licorice, vanilla, and black pepper, along with some dried leaf characteristics.


This wine is elegant, complex, and succulent. It is medium to full bodied with bright acidity. Juicy fruit flavours are showing up as black cherry, blackberry, cassis, with some additional flavours of vanilla, pepper, mint, baking spice, and a slight hint of graphite. The wine is silky and balanced and ends off with a long, smoky finish.


BBQ'd beef kebabs with some hearty chargrilled vegetables are the perfect match for this Shiraz. Pasta with a mushroom sauce would also pair well.

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