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Pyrène Pays de Cocagne

Merlot, Tannat, Syrah

Comté Tolosan

12.5 Alcohol


New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand! This wine is named after the legend of Pyrène, the daughter of ancient Greek King Bébryx. As with most mythical stories, this one has a few variations, but the general theme is that Hercules came from the Aegean Sea on his quest of Labors to meet King Bébryx, and was enchanted by Pyrène. They fell in love, but when he left, the grief caused her to flee to the mountains in despair, where she was eaten by wild beasts. He laid stones on her body as a memorial, and formed the Pyrenees. A classic love story filled with tragedy, but don't worry, this wine won't cause heartache! The combo of these three bold grape varietals will be sure to lift your spirits! Tannat today is most synonymous for the tannic and inky wines of Uruguay. It provides the deep colour, tannin and rich body to the blend. Syrah lifts with pops of spice and pepper, and violet, while Merlot softens with jammy plum and plush fruit qualities. A complex trio that produces a surprisingly quaffable red wine. Enjoy this year and chill lightly, to 15 C - making it perfect for a warm summer night.

How it looks

Medium to dark core of rich ruby, and the outer edge when tilted shows a bit of maroon or rustic brick colouring.

How it smells

Berry delight! Fresh, fruit-forward and tons of fun, we love taking long inhales from our glass. The aromas are full of ripe, bursting berries, from raspberry to dark cherry. There is a dominant rustic quality that is a bit dirty and earthy too, like soil and bark. Accents of violet and pepper offer a touch of floral and spice.

How it tastes

Ripe plum overwhelms our palate with juicy and plump flavours. The ample fruit appeal is partnered with just enough briar patch and cherry pit to give an extra layer of bitter and earth. Black cherry, wild raspberry and crushed blackberries round out the berry-goodness. The mouthfeel is plush and easy, with subtle tannin and softer acidity. The wine washes over your palate effortlessly and the crush-ability is quite addicting!

Recommended food pairing

Fire up the BBQ and flex your flipping arm, this wine is destined for the ultimate burger bar. The lip smacking berry bursting wine is a great match for your lamb, beef or pork patties, and live your best life with an array of cheeses, from smoky gouda to sharp cheddar.

2019Pyrène Pays de Cocagne

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