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Belasco de Baquedano Llama



Belasco de Baquedano Llama

Cabernet Franc

Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Argentina

Alc. 13.5 %

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New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand!

Cabernet Franc is a rising attraction in Argentina. Most typically grown in the well-known region of Mendoza, this cold-weather hearty varietal performs well in the high elevations, with cool evenings, and ripening in time to offer wonderful aromas. Cab Franc calls France home, it is best associated with the region of Chinon in the Loire Valley, where it produces herbaceous wines with strong tannin. Also found in Bordeaux blends of St Emilion and Pomerol.

Besides France, look for Cabernet Franc in New Zealand, Oregon, and especially Canada! In Luján de Cuyo, a sub-region within Mendoza, Malbec is the dominant grape, but Cab Franc also takes advantage of the extreme and beneficial terroir. Here, at the base of the Andes, the vineyards are grown at an average of 3,300 ft above sea level within a desert-like climate. The heat of the sun is balanced by the cooling winds from the mountains, and temperature drops in the evening. Enjoy today after a quick decant or few swirls in your glass, or save until 2022. Serve at 18 C.


With medium intensity, the aromas of the wine are pronounced, but not overwhelming. A few more swirls, and an array of fruit, spice, and savoury character emerges with baked cherry, violet, exotic five spice, and salami. We love the evolution from fruity to warm spices and cured meat.


Perfectly balanced, with all aspects aligned - medium-bodied, with equal levels of acidity and tannins. We find a slight drying sensation after, adding texture to the silky mouthfeel. The palate offers a stronger fruit presence, brambly with both cooked, warm fruit, and fresh berries. A perfect rustic red for a winter meal!


Cab Franc traditionally pairs best with grilled meats, bold flavours, and rustic or earthy flavours. From stews to BBQ, or even a cheese plate. Try a hearty beef and lentil stew, with a tomato based sauce with loads of simmering flavour.

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