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Genio Garnacha


Jumilla, Spain

Alc. 13 %


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Familia Bastida has been dedicated to making wines throughout Spain since the 1950s when Antonio Bastida started his first winery. The family always seeks out unique plots to showcase what the region is capable of and his son carried on the family tradition in 1977. They aim to retain the traditional characteristics of the wines from various DOs, with modern improvements and technologies, while producing their wines in a sustainable way.

The wine industry in Jumilla received a shot in the arm when the phylloxera plague struck the bordering country of France in the late 19th Century. Estimates range from 2/3 to 9/10 of the vines were destroyed, and the demand for wines from Jumilla skyrocketed. Jumilla managed to escape this infestation, but was later struck down by the pest in 1989. The DO took the opportunity to modernize and refocus on lighter, more elegant wines. This wine may be enjoyed now at 16 C, or held until 2024.


There are an abundance of complex aromas, namely red raspberry, strawberry, and black cherry, with some lovely violet notes, a touch of spice - think cinnamon - and slight nuances of anise and menthol. The bouquet makes you want to keep your nose buried in the glass!


Garnacha is known as Grenache in France, but the grape actually originated in Spain. In the mouth, this red is balanced and medium-bodied, with soft tannins. The fruit, like strawberry and red raspberry, is the star of the show, bringing to mind candied fruit roll-up, followed up with some black pepper, cinnamon, tobacco, and citrus rind. The style of this Garnacha is fresh and juicy.


Grilled pork kebabs with a sweet-and-spicy sriracha glaze would pair perfectly with the red-fruit notes of this medium-bodied red.

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