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Losada Altos de Losada




Losada Altos de Losada


Bierzo, Spain

Alc. 14.5 %


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Mencía may not be a grape that you’ve heard of, which might make sense: it only grows in Spain and Portugal, on the Iberian peninsula. In Portugal, the grape is known as Jaen. This grape was originally thought to be an old clone of Cabernet Franc, but this was disproved with DNA fingerprinting. Mencía is a special varietal as it has the ability to age like other fine wines. If you love a light Pinot Noir or an earthy Cabernet Franc, Mencia just may be your new favourite red!

This particular Mencia hails from Bierzo, which is a Spanish DOP situated in the northwest of Spain, in the region of Galicia. The DOP has an ideal macroclimate for grape growing. The low altitude prevents late frosts and the grapes are ready up to one month earlier than in neighbouring regions. Bierzo regulations only allow for a few red grape varieties (plus a few white), one of these red varietals being Mencia.

Enjoy this wine at 16 C, or hold onto it until 2028.


Aromas of wild blackberries, and other dark fruit such as black cherry and plum. There are also beautiful scents of violet, lavender, cocoa, anise, sweet tobacco, dried black mushrooms, and other earthy notes. At first swirl and sniff, you may just fall in love.


Altos de Losada has intensity and energy, with meaty, toasty, and earthy notes that frame black cherry, plum, licorice, and mineral flavours. This medium-bodied red is silky, with velvety tannins and a bright acidity. There are flavours of crushed stone here too. This Mencia is focused and wonderfully fresh. The finish is sanguine and lengthy.


A wonderful pairing would be with tuna and red pepper empanadas, or matched with a margherita pizza. Hard sheep cheese works really well here too.

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