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Bottega Vinai Pinot Nero



Bottega Vinai Pinot Nero

Pinot Nero

Trentino, Italy

Alc. 13 %

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New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand!

Cavit owns the Bottega Vinai winery and is a cooperative that purchases from over 4,500 growers. The winery is located in Maso Toresella, on Lake Toblino, surrounded by vineyards. Vineyards are hand-harvested just north of Trento. Trentino borders Lombardy and Veneto, the region, although in Italy, has lots of Germanic influences. And similar to Alto Adige, the terroir is home to stunning mountains and valleys, following the Adige river from the Alps.

Pinot Nero is actually a synonym of Pinot Noir (along with Pinot Negro, Spätburgunder, Blauburgunder). It is commonly produced as light and fruity, but can also have a bit more of a serious edge when produced in and around its homeland of Burgundy. In Trentino, both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (Nero) are the most heavily planted international varietals, but there are also healthy amounts of grapes that are French and German and of course, Italian in origin.

Pinot Noir is a perfect example of a great red wine to enjoy in the warmer months, it can be chilled easier than most and drinks effortlessly in the sunshine. Enjoy by 2020 and chill to 14 C, and ideally sip on a lake dock or near a campfire.


Not shy at all, we can enjoy the aromas of the wine as soon as the bottle is opened. There is a crushed gravel minerality and hints of cherry cola, which open into more savoury aromas of sun dried tomatoes, rhubarb and grilled plums.


Soft and light, the wine travels effortlessly across our palate with some cottony tannins and tongue smacking acidity. There is less focus on fruit flavours here, instead we are finding garrigue notes of wild herbs, and earthy brush, walnut and bark. The wine is dry and easy drinking, but is unique that it offers us more savoury and qualities. Cherry pit and underripe red plums flush out the finish with ease.


Pork tenderloin, or a fancier version of pork roulade - filled with dried fruits and cranberry sauce. We like the idea of amping up the fruit content in your dish with a compote or sauce, to balance out the ethereal nature of the wine.

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