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Pelee Island Lola



Pelee Island Lola

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

Ontario, Canada

Alc. 13 %




New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand!

Much like the beautiful floral design on the label, Pelee Island Winery deserves to be admired. Situated at the southernmost point of Canada the island consists of 10,000 acres comprised of beaches, farms, parks and, of course, idyllic vineyards. These estate owned vineyards make up 550 acres, the largest private estate in Canada. Sharing a similar latitude (42˚N) as some of our other favourite wine regions - France, Portugal and Spain - it isn't surprising a wine like Lola came from Canada's warmest and oldest grape growing region.

Not only is Pelee Island Winery producing delicious wines, but they're doing so while maintaining a commitment to environmentally sustainable farming and winemaking practices. As a Certified Sustainable Winemaking Ontario (SWO) Winery, one of the initiatives they've employed is using a natural fertilizer grown on the island - sorghum grass. Pelee Island Winery has big visions for the future with both their wines and in leading the way as an environmentally safe community, making this island and winery ones to watch.


Strong aromas of wild, brambly berries focusing on black currant, blackberry and black cherry. A tea leaf herbaciousness is combined with light notes of cracked pepper and cigar box. An elegantly potent wine with great layers of flavour already displayed from first sniff.


The palate is a bit tight at first, requires some coaxing to bring out some of the forest flavours and crushed berry fruit. Allow for decanting or some swirls in the glass to get the full affect. The fruits presented are brighter and crisp, trending more to cranberry and currants, and of course cherry. Dry and woodsy in texture and taste, we get lots of dry earthy appeal here. Smooth tannin and juicy acidity seal the deal with a tart finish.


Vegetarian ragù with eggplant, in a light sauce with ample herbs and a squish of citrus to keep it light and bright. A great pairing with rustic flavours and a heartiness that is kept elevated with veg and fresh ingredients.

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