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Joel Delaunay

Sauvignon Blanc

Loire Valley, France

Alc. 12 %




We love wine with a story and French Sauvignon Blanc has loads to tell. It’s estimated to have been around for almost 500 years and is believed to have originated in the Bordeaux region. Having so much history there, it’s no surprise that they can boast producing a quarter of the world’s Sauvignon Blanc.

We combed the French countryside to find the perfect vineyard that could honour that history and excite us with their wines. Our search brought us to this gorgeous expression from Joël Delaunay. Located in the Loire Valley in the heart of France, they have grown their passion for winemaking and Sauvignon Blanc over 5 generations. Their 37 hectares of vineyard are now dominated by the varietal — claiming nearly two-thirds of the total production area. Dedicating so much of their business to one grape left no question about their commitment to making every bottle they produce incredible. Get into this divine classic right away and savour all that it has to offer! We think it's best served well chilled at around 7-9 C.


This is a massive fruit salad on the nose — a huge variety of sharp and sweet tones fly up out of the glass. At first sniff, we get honeydew, peaches, Macintosh red apple pulp, and pear — with just a touch of lime curd and candied lemon. Behind these big fruity aromatics, there are tones of crisp green pepper, snow pea shoots, and undertones of wet slate.


If like us, you miss that sweet invigorating summer freshness, there is no better way to relive it than an intensely refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. This light-bodied white brings everything you could want to the party with a big hit of acidity. Once your palate is primed, the fruit flavours come back with sharper tones of lemon peel, gooseberry, pink grapefruits, and crunchy Granny Smith apples before hints of lemongrass and minerality wash through. The quick, clean finish leaves you feeling like you were dancing in the rain after a sweltering hot day.


This wine loves simple, fresh herbs. Pair it with luscious flakey haddock and asparagus drenched in a silky beurre blanc and generous amounts of fresh chopped parsley. Overflowing fish tacos drizzled with spicy sriracha, creamy avocado, and loads of cilantro would always be a great pair!

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