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*Boa Noite Red*

Syrah, Touriga Nacional

Lisbon, Portugal

Alc. 15 %


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"Boa Noite" means "good night" in Portuguese, and the phrase is the basis of the artwork featured on this bottle. With it, the local artist captured not only the nightly streets of Lisbon, where this wine is from, but also the creative style of the wine and the local culture. The grapes come from high up on the Montejunto Mountains where grapes must be picked by hand as it's too steep for machine-harvesting, contributing to the quality of this wine. Here, white grapes are planted on the shady side of the mountain, while red grapes grow on the sunny side as this is the only way to grow and ripen them properly in this uniquely steep wine region. A blend of Touriga Nacional, a unique species of grape native to Portugal, and Syrah, this wine creates the perfect balance of tannin, body and texture with a long finish. Enjoy now or in 5 years from now at a temperature of 18 ºC.


Beautifully structured nose that is loaded with ripe fruit aromas of aromas of black cherry, raspberry and bramble complemented with subtle stewed plum and strawberry licorice.


Full-bodied with a firm tannin structure this wine is sure to delight. Popping with flavours of black plum, cherry and blackberry that lends its way into baking spices of clove, cinnamon, ginger and mulling spice.


Pairs amazing with oven roast ham, wild boar stew, Caldo Verde, Sausage Paella and Carne Asada.

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