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  • *Martoccia Brunello di Montalcino*

*Martoccia Brunello di Montalcino*


  • 2016

  • Alc. 14%

  • Montalcino

  • Italy

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A beautiful bouquet of cherry, plum and baking spices dance on your nose. Pleasant earthy aromas, a signature of the region, are just like standing outside during a hot summer rain shower.


Full-bodied with a lively acidity and flavours of fresh red raspberries, blueberries, dark cherry, plum and a hint of black pepper and baking spices. A wine for all seasons that can be drunk any time of the year.


Pair with lamb stew, BBQ steak, porchetta roast, aged cheddar, Provolone or Swiss cheeses.

Aromas and Flavours


Fresh B.C. cherries out of the back of a truck, all eaten before you can get them home!


A sweet spice aroma that indicates oak-ageing - think vanilla bean frappuccino!


Tangy or sweet, juicy or tart: more sophisticated than a strawberry, but just as lush.


Your windowsill herb garden gives off a lovely herbal smell every time you walk by.

Cedar / Oak

An intriguing mix of clove, sandalwood and resin - the smell of your favourite wooded trail.

Handling and Serving

Serving Temperature

2022 - 2029


During World War II, armies were marching through the small town of Montalcino leaving the village in despair. Many winery owners at the time hid their wines in walls and under floorboards to protect them from being drunk by the soldiers while the town was under siege. Some of these wines weren't discovered again until many years after the war had ended. When they were opened, they had held up really well considering how long they had been stored. Winemakers then decided that aging of Brunellos should be done before release. Laws were later passed that required Brunellos to be aged for a minimum of 2 years before release. These wines show remarkable character due to their long aging requirements.

Brunello, meaning "little brown one" in Italian, describes the Sangiovese grapes that surround the medieval fortress that is on the Martocci property. It has survived both the First and Second World Wars and still stands as an important historical piece. It’s open for tours if you ever find yourself in Italy. Drink now or in 7 years from now at a temperature or 18 ºC.

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