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*Decero Petit Verdot*



*Decero Petit Verdot*

Petit Verdot

Mendoza, Argentina

Alc. 14.5 %


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Decero means "from scratch" and is the basis for how these wines are created. Each vintage year, the winemaker carefully crafts these wines with the utmost attention to detail based on the vineyard site, how the growing season went and how to give the best expression of the grape. This attention to detail also extends into the winery’scommitment to sustainable farming practices. They use drip irrigation to reduce water waste and are committed to preserving a natural habitat that is home to over 40 species of rare birds on the property. All Decero wines are vegan-certified. This is a single vineyard wine with Petit Verdot grapes coming from only the top vineyard site at the foot of the Andes mountain range, with optimal soils for growing this unique grape variety. The Decero Petit Verdot is widely used in the Court of Master Sommeliers for tasting exams as a true expression of the Petit Verdot grape and has gained international acclaim in some of the top wine magazines around the world. With only 3,306 bottles made, the production is very small and this is a rare find. Enjoy now or in 15 years from now at 18 ºC.


Beautifully aromatic, this wine boasts dried herbs and dark berry fruits on the nose. It has a subtle earthy and floral quality that is very true to the character of Petit Verdot, unique and enticing.


Bursting with flavours of blueberry, blackberry jam, plum, black cherry and boysenberry. This wine has a structured oak presence that marries in flavours of vanilla, dark chocolate, nutmeg and clove with a wonderful hazelnut quality and a long finish. The perfect wine for someone who likes to explore and discover unique wines.


Pair with rack of lamb, pork in adobo sauce, wild boar sausage, bean salad or lentil soup.

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