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  • Counterpoint Brut NV

Counterpoint Brut NV

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

  • Alc. 11.5%

  • South Australia

  • Australia

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Gentle carbonation carries aromas of green and red apple, hints of lemon, and fresh peach. There's an underlying note of toast typical of sparkling wines aged on their lees, along with an appealing stony minerality.


Delicate and fresh on the palate, with flavours of lemon zest, lime, and apple, along with riper notes of peach and grapefruit. The mousse is lively and bright, with balanced acidity and good length on the finish.


Ideal as an aperitif, this would pair beautifully with anything from puff-pastry canapés to lighter seafood mains.

Aromas and Flavours


From Granny Smith to Red Delicious, apple makes for a delightfully crisp aroma.

Lemon / Lime

Common in cool climate white wines, this aroma can range from fresh citrus to lemon zest.


Fuzzy peach candies, or real-life fuzzy peaches fresh from a fresh B.C fruit stand.


That yeasty, slightly sour aroma that embodies the promise of freshly baked bread.


Remember playing with pebbles as a child and giving them a lick out of curiosity?

Handling and Serving

Serving Temperature

2022 - 2024


At WineCollective, we're firm believers that you don't need a special occasion to pop open a bottle of delicious sparkling wine, so we're always on the hunt for bubbles that over-deliver on quality at an everyday price point. Our latest find is Counterpoint Brut NV, a charming blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from South Australia. Sourced from a single vineyard, and made using two of the three grapes traditionally used in Champagne, Counterpoint has a small amount of back-vintage base wine blended in to maintain a consistent house style. Cool fermentation and the absence of malolactic conversion ensure a final wine that's fresh and balanced, perfect for everyday enjoyment. Serve at a very well-chilled 6 C and enjoy over the next year or so.

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