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Olivier Merlin La Rochelle


Moulin-à-Vent, Mâconnais

13 Alcohol


Olivier Merlin's La Rochelle vineyard is arguably one of the best plantings of Gamay in all of Moulin à Vent. The majority of the vines were planted in 1937, making them over 70 years old! Olivier Merlin is located in Mâconnais, a region in the south of Burgundy. Mâconnais' borders and overlaps Beaujolais to the south. Although Beaujolais is officially part of Burgundy, it is often spoken of as if it is its own region. Moulin à Vent does not produce a conventional Beaujolais, as the Gamay produced is Burgundian or Rhone in style rather than light and fruity. Instead of aging, Beaujolais Nouveau is intended to drink young to enjoy the fresh fruits. Wines from Moulin à Vent known as "Kings of Beaujolais," however, can develop well over a decade. After 5 years in bottle, enjoy today with some decanting or hold onto the wine for another year or two. Serve cooled to 16 degrees Celsius and allow to warm slightly in your glass.

How it looks

A deep burgundy core that fades towards the edges.

How it smells

A rich, pronounced old-world nose of pepper spice, cherries and underbrush.

How it tastes

What makes Gamay from Moulin à Vent so different? The soils are rich with iron and magnesium, producing an opulent, medium-bodied wine with structured tannins and a core of minerality. Dark red fruits with peppercorns, leather and herbs. The wine is not fined, so decanting is recommended to remove any sediment.

Recommended food pairing

Pork tenderloin served with a warm bacon vinaigrette and roasted beets. Moulin à Vent is also often paired with charcuterie and cured meats.

2010Olivier Merlin La Rochelle

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