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Matetic Corralillo

Sauvignon Blanc

San Antonio Valley

14 Alcohol


The Matetic Corralillo is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc harvested from 3 vineyards in the San Antonio Valley of Chile. The Valle Hermoso, Santo Tomas, and Rosario Vineyard are all managed and cared for using organic and biodynamic practices. Chickens live on the vineyard, feeding on insects and vegetation that in other vineyards would be managed with herbicides and pesticides. Commonly, chickens and miniature goats are used in biodynamic vineyards because they are not tall enough to reach the fruit and leaves from the vines. Sulphur and mushrooms are used to combat fungal diseases like botrytis and powdery mildew. Biodynamic practices employ resources of the farm/vineyard to manage the land, rather than introducing foreign materials. An interesting practice used at Matetic is fertilizing the soil with cow guano which is the practice of filling cow horns with fresh dung and later burying them for 6 months. This activates microorganisms in the soil and stimulates the growth of the roots. Enjoy this vintage in the next two years and serve at 10ºC.

How it looks

Pale lemon yellow with green tones.

How it smells

Combination of tropical fruits and herbs. Passion fruit and grapefruit with hints of asparagus and snap peas. Mineral aromas also show through the vibrant fruits.

How it tastes

Lush and plump with juicy acidity! White flowers and mineral notes dominate the citrus fruit on the palate. A long finish with soft spice of juniper and evergreen. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes went through cold maceration for five hours followed by fermentation in stainless steel for 21 days allowing for intense aromas and a fresh taste and texture.

Recommended food pairing

A classic match is mature goat’s cheese, where the wine’s high acidity and minerality meets the creamy texture and flavours of the cheese.

2011Matetic Corralillo

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