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Smashberry White

Roussanne, Muscat, Riesling

Central Coast

13.4 Alcohol


The 2012 Smashberry White is all about the collision of vibrant ripe fruits in its colour, aroma and flavour. After 15 years in the industry, winemaker, Chris Brown, wanted to create his own label that brought out the amazing fruity qualities of the grapes grown in Paso Robles, California. Therefore, both the Smashberry Red and White wines are blended and created with that primary goal in mind. Smashberry’s 2012 White is composed of Rousanne, Muscat Canello and Riesling, sourced from all over the Central Coast region. The grapes are harvested during cool nights and pressed without hours leaving the juice to be fermented in cold temperatures. Some residual sugar is kept to brighten aromatics in the wine before it is aged for five months in stainless steel. Enjoy this white blend chilled to 12 degrees Celsius sometime during summer 2014.

How it looks

Eyes: A light but medium lemon is colour, bright and vibrant!

How it smells

All about the fruit with lively peaches and pears and honeysuckle aromas.

How it tastes

The palate takes on more tropical fruit characteristics as the fruit is grown in the hot climate of Paso Robles. A rich mouth feel with guava and mango characteristics that dominate the palate. The off-dry finish is refreshing and crisp.

Recommended food pairing

On it’s own during a hot summer day or full enough to pair with rich seafood dishes like scallops or a delicate white fish.

2014Smashberry White

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