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Luna Shiraz


McLaren Vale

15 Alcohol


The 2012 is out of stock, but we have the 2014 available! Wits End Luna Shiraz is produced by Chalk Hill in McLaren Vale. In Canada, Chalk Hill is marketed under "Alpha Crucis" as they were unable to use their estate name on the labels because of existing copyrights. The name 'Wits End' comes from the vineyard where the fruit for this wine is harvested. The Wits End vineyards are planted with Chardonnay, and of course Shiraz on Urrbrae and Gilgia soils. Urrbrae (also a suburb in Australia) is a rich, red soil comprised of clays and loam. The south vineyard is planted on Urrbrae, while the north vineyard is black clay called Gilgia. It is this soil found on the north vineyard that gave the vineyard its name. In the winter, the wet clay sticks to everything causing an unmanageable mess and making work in the vineyard very difficult, sometimes impossible! The frustration dealing with the vineyard often results in the crew reaching their 'wits end'. Drink within the next 2-3 years and chilled to 17 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

The Gilga soils in Wits End produce thick skinned, dark grapes. This results in a deep eggplant-purple colour that sticks to the glass when swirled.

How it smells

A mixture of red and black fruits with significant notes of plum and licorice. You can smell the chocolate and spices produced from 14 months in French oak.

How it tastes

Shows great rich berries, mostly raspberry and blackberry. The warm climate produces a higher alcohol percentage and some residual sugar, but balanced with the acidity everything is in check! The wine is silky and glides across the tongue. A thick core of fruits sit heavy on the mid-palate. The finish lightens and fades to spices from the 14 months in oak.

Recommended food pairing

With high alcohol percentage, avoid spicy seasoning and light bodied dishes. The tannins call for grill marks! Try grilled pork chops served with a cranberry chutney.

2012Luna Shiraz

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