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Joseph Mellot Le Troncsec

Sauvignon Blanc


12.5 Alcohol


Joseph Mellot is the only estate to have vineyards planted in all of the Centre-Loirès appellations. Pouilly-Fumé is an appellation located in the region of Centre-Loire in the Loire Valley. The word 'Pouilly' refers to the village of Pouilly-sur-Loire, and 'Fumé' is the varietal; locally Sauvignon Blanc is called 'Blanc Fumé'. The vineyards are found in the commune of Saint Laurent l'Abbaye on the right bank of the Loire. The primary soils in Pouilly-Fumé are comprised of Kimmeridgian or the quartz and flint rich Chailloux. Both Chailloux and Kimmeridgian produce Sauv Blanc with deep minerality. Vines for this wine are planted in soil composed mainly of Upper Kimmeridgian which is stony and aggregate on surface with clay deeper down. The Mellot estate has been producing in Sancerre for five centuries; Cesar Mellot was even King Louis XIV's wine adviser in the late 1600s. Serve between 8-10 degrees Celsius over the next 5 years.

How it looks

Shimmering and reflective light gold.

How it smells

The nose has a more pronounced minerality than what's shown on the palate. There is a mixture of citrus and tropical fruits. Orange peel, lemon pie, key limes and mango.

How it tastes

Subtle flinty minerality peaks through the elegant fruits. Meyer lemon, pears and apple cider are partnered with a fresh and zingy herbal note. The green notes come through as fresh chives and cut wild flowers. This is full bodied and rich, but still very fresh and lively.

Recommended food pairing

Try a cold smoked trout pasta salad with fennel, peas and asparagus.

2012Joseph Mellot Le Troncsec

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