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Albet i Noya Lignum Blanc

Xarel-lo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

Pendes, Cataluyna

13 Alcohol


Catalonia stretches from the border of France in the north to Montsia in the south, and east to the Mediterranean coast, giving an influence of both French and Spanish varieties and wine styles to the region. Albet i Noya's Lignum Blanc is harvested from organically farmed estate vineyards in Costers d’Ordal, situated in the middle sub-zone of Penedès ‘Medio Penedès’ at 320m above sea level. Xarel-lo (“shah-REHL-lo”) is an indigenous variety of the Penedès area. The varietal was decimated due to the Phylloxera crisis of the 1800's, which destroyed many vineyards through the spread of disease. The Phylloxera louse attacks the vine's root system, disabling the plant to retrieve nutrients through the soil. Since the epidemic in the 1800's, vines have been replanted and grafted with rootstock that is not susceptible to Phylloxera. In the early eighties, the Albet family reintroduced Xarel-lo, and today it is blended with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in the Lignum Blanc. Serve chilled at 10-12 degrees Celsius and enjoy within the next year.

How it looks

Soft buttery yellow, clean and clear in the glass.

How it smells

Dominated mostly by crisp orchard fruit, golden apple and pear. There is a honey note that adds warmth and sweetness to the nose, combined with a slight cinnamon spice.

How it tastes

The Sauvignon Blanc and Xarel-lo are fermented in stainless steel, while the Chardonnay spends 2 months in oak. We can taste the oak presence, and feel it in the silkiness of the wine. While the Xarel-lo grape is commonly used in producing Spain's sparkling wine, Cava, the same bracing acidity is sought after and found here. Stone fruit and roasted Macadamia nuts flow through to a long lasting finish.

Recommended food pairing

Seared scallops with saffron, served on a bed of sautéed white beans, ham, onion and a splash of wine.

2012Albet i Noya Lignum Blanc

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