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Bartier Bros. Semillon


Okanagan Valley

12.9 Alcohol


The Bartier Brothers, Don and Michael, make the ultimate team with business acumen and winemaking talent. While Don established himself as an accountant in Calgary, Michael began his winemaking career in the Okanagan in his twenties. The duo produce some of WineCollective's favourite Canadian wines. The Semillon is special and is actually Michael's favourite wine they produce. The Cerqueira Vineyard, with western slopes, is found on the lower side of Black Sage Road, between Oliver and Osoyoos. The soils are laced with granite cobbles coated with calcium carbonate. Semillon is not very common, most often found in white Bordeaux blended with Sauvignon Blanc or in Australia’s Hunter Valley. The Bartier Brothers Semillon is a great example of the Okanagan’s potential and future. Ready to drink today, but also with the potential to age. Serve chilled to 10 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Light lemon-pie hue, clean and clear.

How it smells

Bountiful nose of lemon citrus, green apple, white blossoms, wild herbs and grasses, with an underlying of stony minerality.

How it tastes

The palate is more focused on the crispness of apple and the introduction of green melon, but the floral and mineral is still there too! The wine is tight and structured, with acidity that provides the backbone through to the finish. Peach fuzz texture on the tongue gives a bit of effervescence to the wine, lifting the more serious notes.

Recommended food pairing

In its youth, while still fresh and light, pair with seafood and spring vegetables. Calamari served with a salad of fennel, asparagus and arugula.

2013Bartier Bros. Semillon

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