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Surani Arthemis Fiano

Fiano, Chardonnay


12.5 Alcohol


Masseria Surani is one of Tomassi Family Estate’s projects in the Salento wine region of Puglia, Italy. The program, along with others from Tomassi, is dedicated to the acquisition of land that is best suited for wine production. Located just outside of the city of Taranto (interior and top of the heel when thinking of Italy as a boot), this part of Puglia was colonized by the Ancient Greeks in 700 B.C. The Greek culture inspired the Masseria Surani project, with each wine named after a Greek God. The Arthemis is named after the Goddess of the Moon and is composed of Fiano and 10% Chardonnay. Historically, Fiano was used to make sweet and bubbly wines and is most known for the Fiano di Avellino wines of Campania. The varietal was, at one point almost extinct! Today, the best examples of Fiano show honeyed notes and aromas of floral and spice. You can find more information on the varietal on the WineCollective blog. Although FIano can be aged, there is no need to test your patience, chill to 8-10 degrees Celsius and enjoy this wine in 2015.

How it looks

Clean and clear. A very soft and almost see-through yellow.

How it smells

Aromatic, sweet and fresh. Honeydew melon with some citrus aromas of tangerine and lime as well as floral perfume.

How it tastes

Refreshing and crisp. Noticeable flowers on the palate alongside passion fruit, elderflower and lychees. The minerality persists through the mouthwatering acidity. There is a weighty texture contributed both by the Chardonnay and Fiano. Overall, a textural delight that is fresh and zesty!

Recommended food pairing

We recommend drinking this Fiano with a side of sunshine! It is great on its own or can be paired with pesto, white cream sauces and seafood.

2013Surani Arthemis Fiano

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