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Tommasi Le Volpare Soave


Soave, Veneto

12.5 Alcohol


You are probably more familiar with the term 'Soave' on a label, than 'Garganega'. The Garganega grape is produced in Soave, a sub region of Veneto. The wine is commonly referred to by the place rather than the varietal, which is indicative of a 'style' of wine. Soave must contain at least 70% Garganega, with as much as 30% of Chardonnay and/or Verdicchio. Garganega is an ultra-vigorous vine, which means that it can produce an abundance of shoots and leaves. Vigour is determined from the availability of nutrients, water, sunlight and heat. By planting the Garganerga in areas with poor-fertility soils, the vines will focus their energy into producing less yield, with better quality. There are many theories on how to limit vigour and yield, including choosing the best rootstock, high-density planting to cause competition between the vines for nutrients, or 'green harvesting'. Serve within the next year at 9 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Clear, pale straw colour with very light edges.

How it smells

Soft blossoms, melon and pears, followed by richer honey and almonds. Soave can age and with time, the nose will lose some freshness and be replaced by the faint tertiary notes we find.

How it tastes

100% Garganega. We are able to taste the zest and spice of the grape. The flavours on the palate are more citrus than the nose, grapefruit, green apples and some rose petals. The finish lingers with a perfume and nutty flavour.

Recommended food pairing

Soave is a texture and body to pair with soup. Try a gazpacho or a creamy, chilled green pea soup finished with almond oil.

2013Tommasi Le Volpare Soave

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