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Cassini Chardonnay


Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley

14.5 Alcohol


Cassini believes that each bottle of wine should communicate something distinct, something unique about the region it comes from. It's this dedication to craft and subtlety which has quickly made our red and white wines some of the most celebrated on the Golden Mile Bench - the finest grape growing region in Canada nestled in the Okanagan Valley. Cassini is a well-located winery on Highway 97, midway between Oliver and Osoyoos, which has developed a house style that has repeated now for several years. Almost without exception, the wines are bold and packed with flavour.

How it looks

How it smells

How it tastes

Boasts of apple, pear and pineapple with a nice clean mid pallet of citrus, passion fruit and vanilla.

Recommended food pairing

Enjoy on it own or pair with any seafood dishes, chicken, turkey ,white cream sauced pasta, strong and mild cheese, appetizers.

2013Cassini Chardonnay

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