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Les Anges Chardonnay


Loire Valley

11.5 Alcohol


Les Anges Chardonnay is produced by the co-op Cave de la Loire. Founded in 1951, Cave de la Loire harvests more than 3,500 acres of vines under 160 growers. Loire is an expansive region that encompasses many smaller areas, Cave de la Loire sources fruit from Nantais in the west, to Sancerre in the east. The majority of their vineyards are located centrally, in Anjou. This particular area of the Loire is not known for its Chardonnay production, as the majority of winemakers in the area focus on Sauvignon Blanc or the most widely planted varietal, Chenin Blanc. Typically, Chardonnay is used for blending in order to add richness and structure to sparkling or still wines produced in Anjou. It is rare to see more than 20% of a wine composed by the grape varietal making the Agnes Chardonnay a unique treat! We recommend drinking this year at 9 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Very light yellow with gold reflections.

How it smells

Soft aromas of mainly pear on the nose. Floral and melon notes are secondary with slight citrus and almond touches. Loire Chardonnay is known to be crisp and aromatic.

How it tastes

Fleshy fruit fill the palate, the more neutral fruit flavours of melon and citrus provide an approachable wine. Exotic flavours combined with the moderate acidity and round texture, creates a balance that makes it a very easy wine to enjoy. There is a pop of hibiscus and honey, attributed to the expressiveness of the poor soils, that shows while entering the finish.

Recommended food pairing

Enjoy with an array of seafood appetizers, such as creamy prawns or fish cakes.

2014Les Anges Chardonnay

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