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Tomasella ProsEcco Frizzante



11 Alcohol


Tenuta Tomasella is a small family-owned winery, framed by the rolling pre-alps in the north and Venetian lagoon on its southern border. Vineyards stretch between two famous DOC regions, Veneto and Friuli and even trespass onto the classified land with 23 and 7 hectares of vines in the two territories respectively. The ProsEcco Frizzante translates to 'half-sparkling'. Prosecco is made with the grape varietal Glera, also known as Prosecco Balbi. Tomasella uses the Charmat fermentaion method, where instead of second fermentation taking place in the bottle (as per the traditional Champagne method) it is done in a large pressurized container known as an autoclave or tank. This method is recognized as the "Italian Method" for Prosecco or Sparkling wines. Just 20,000 bottles are produced annually, a rare find! Serve chilled to 6 degrees Celsius and enjoy over the holidays.

How it looks

Consistant pale yellow from core to rim. Bubbles are vivacious when the wine is poured and dissipate quickly.

How it smells

Peach fuzz, nectarine and green apple! Not overly juicy or plush and is a bit hushed. Interesting notes of pineapple come through as the wine warms.

How it tastes

A creamy texture and effervescence on the palate. The slight bubbles lightly dance on your tongue, just enough to clean your palate from an assortment of holiday appetizers. The pineapple shines through more easily and fades to cantaloupe rind. The finish is slightly off-dry, but the moderate acidity livens up the any weight of sugars.

Recommended food pairing

Ideally served as an aperitif, or, with a toast to 2016!

NVTomasella ProsEcco Frizzante

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