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Vignemastre Dardo

Sangiovese, Merlot


13 Alcohol

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Dardo is one of two wines created by Vignemastre, which started in 2005. Duo winemakers, Filippo Artini and Dario Parenti, wanted to use simple fermentation, producing wines that are clean and expressive of the fruit. Dedicated to production without the use of barrels, each varietal is fermented separately in steel stainless before being blended. Without the porous nature of barrels, micro-oxygenation is used methodically to increase aromas and soften tannins. The Dardo has low sulphites and all fruit is sourced from vineyards which are sustainably farmed with no fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. The Sangiovese comes from Valfarno and the Merlot from Cortona. Just 1,700 cases were produced, this is a relatively small production given the price point and distribution. Serve just below room temperature at 16 degrees Celsius and enjoy within the next year.

How it looks

Medium-dark ruby core with slightly lighter edges.

How it smells

Fruit driven, but we get hints of dark florals like violet and roses and a bit of herbs. Don't expect a rugged and rustic Tuscan, this is more bright.

How it tastes

A backbone of black cherry and florals, with supporting sour cherry, currant and herbs. The Merlot gives a richer fruit, plush body and round mouth-feel. Merlot also keeps the racy acidity of Sangiovese in check. Tannins are smooth with a bit of grit near the finish. Great balance between rich notes and wild, tart berries.

Recommended food pairing

Your next go-to pizza wine. No need to fuss, anything with a tomato sauce and mild spices.

2012Vignemastre Dardo

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