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Campos Reales

Sauvignon Blanc, Airen

La Mancha

12.5 Alcohol


La Mancha, the largest wine region in Europe, has four provinces covering more than 500,000 acres of vineyards. Campos Reales is found in Cuenca. La Mancha sits just south of Madrid and directly west of Valencia. Here, the Iberian plateau is exposed to extreme summer heat and cold continental winters. Airén is largely used to produce Brandy de Jerez and lesser so in dry wines. The Campos Reales Blanco is 50% Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Airén. Airén is the most widely planted white varietal in Spain and most widely planted varietal in the world. It is heavily planted in La Mancha, as it is one of the few grapes able to withstand the extreme heat and arid conditions. The vast planting of Airén helps to give perspective on how densely La Mancha is planted to vineyards. Newly released, this wine will be best enjoyed within the year. Enjoy chilled to 7-8 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Very light and clear, pale yellow. Verging on colourless around the edges.

How it smells

Quiet aromas when well-chilled. It shows tropical fruits, light floral and orange zest. With the warmth of the glass, there is fleshier fruits, white blossoms and dried grasses.

How it tastes

As with the nose, temperature will play a large role in the flavour profile. Between 6-8 degrees and there is more citrus and herbacious-ness. Warmth brings richer canned peaches and the herbal character becomes more steely. The acidity is strong and bright. The Airen gives a texture and round body to a usually lean Sauv Blanc.

Recommended food pairing

With ideal temperature, Santa Fe style chicken salad, or even Vietnamese shrimp salad rolls.

2014Campos Reales

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