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Le Cazelou Rouge


  • Alc. 13.0%

  • Pays d'Oc

  • France

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Le Cazelou's wines are named in tribute to the small stone huts that were built in vineyards to offer shelter from the elements for vineyard workers. Made by innovative winemakers Yvan & Co, Le Cazelou, like all their projects, is focused on environmental sustainability in all their practices. From the sourcing of lighter bottles to reduce the impact of shipping, to using labels that are 100% natural and biodegradable, Le Cazelou's releases are meant to be wines that you can feel good about drinking! Their Merlot is sourced from warm vineyard sites in the Pays d'Oc, in the south of France, where a mediterranean influence allows for full ripening of grapes. The resulting wine is soft and fruit-forward, and can be enjoyed over the next 2-3 years served at about 18 C.


Merlot is such a versatile food wine - try this fruit-driven example with french onion soup or grilled ham and gruyere sandwiches.

Aromas and Flavours


Sweet, fruity and sensual, similar stone fruit aromas to a peach, but without the 'fuzziness'.


A little sweet, a little tart, this black fruit is rather quiet but persistent.


Fresh B.C. cherries out of the back of a truck, all eaten before you can get them home!


Spreading grandma's homemade jam on your morning toast (yes, the bread was homemade too).


Think of the holidays - a warm and woody spice found in your favourite baked goodies.

Handling and Serving
Serving Temperature
2023 - 2026