Our Process and History | Established in 2009 | WineCollective

The WineCollective Process

We’re a Small Team of Wine Professionals, Who Want to Drink the Best Wine in the World

  • How WineCollective® Began

    The idea for WineCollective was developed out of a relationship with Reading For New Times magazine which, since 2001, has been providing the internet with original content on art, culture, music, travel and wine. Reading for New Times was publishing wine reviews and was getting feedback that they should expand into a wine experience provider. From that concept, WineCollective was born.

  • Our Mission

    There are thousands of wines available in the Canadian market from around the world on any given day.

    How do you choose what to try next? We were tired of rolling the dice at the liquor store.

    We do all the hard work for you, trying hundreds of wines each and every month, ranging from the weekday pizza wine to the exotic cellar candidate.

    It may sound like fun to try all that wine (which it is), but it's serious work. We pick only the best wines for our wine club members.

  • How We Do It

    We seek out the best wines available within the Alberta liquor wholesale market and once the wines have been tasted, rated, reviewed and selected by our professional staff, we work with our retail store (Highfield) to fulfill all the monthly orders and gifts.

    What you get is a professionally curated selection of wine that is automatically delivered once per month!

    Building the WineCollective business