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    We Connect with Wineries Internationally

    No vine goes unturned as we explore the globe looking for new, exciting, and delicious wines to share. From Canada to Australia and beyond, we try it all.

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    We Taste Everything and Choose the Best

    Our wine experts take this job seriously, though it sure sounds fun! Our pros are constantly trying wine, comparing notes, and working hard to find the best bottles.

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    We Share Exclusives and Wine Guides

    Many of our wines can’t be found anywhere else. Plus, every month we include wine guides with tasting notes, food pairings, and more.

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    When tasting wines, our experts look at tannins, mouthfeel, appearance, and beyond. There’s a lot to experience!

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    Our selections are a mix of exclusives and less accessible bottles, so you’re always discovering something new.

  • Excitement

    There’s always something new to explore in the wine world, whether it’s a rare variety or innovative winemaking.

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Discover the diverse regions around the world that WineCollective members get to explore each month.

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