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Barba Pecorino


  • Alc. 12.5%

  • Abruzzo

  • Italy

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Italy is home to such a dizzying array of indigenous grapes that it can be intimidating to dive in and explore. Enter WineCollective - we try to take as much of the guesswork out of the process as possible, and bring you the best of the best! This Pecorino d'Abruzzo is a great example - while not completely obscure, the grape is certainly uncommon outside of Italy, and even outside of its home region of Abruzzo. It fell out of favour because it can be challenging to grow, but it began an unlikely resurgence in the 1990s that continues today. Fratelli Barba is owned by the three Barba brothers: Giovanni, Domenico, and Vicenzo, whose family history can be traced back over 600 years to their move to Abruzzo from Naples. Their Pecorino comes from a small 4 acre vineyard in the heart of the region. Hand harvesting, careful fruit handling, temperature-controlled fermentation, and extended lees contact combine to give this wine great aromatic complexity and highlight the grape's signature freshness. Enjoy over the next year at about 8 C.


Match the vibrant acidity of this Pecorino with fresh seafood - this would be a great pairing for sushi night - or pair with roast poultry.

Aromas and Flavours


A romantic picnic in the orchard, with your partner and their favourite white wine.


Common in cool climate white wines, this aroma can range from fresh citrus to lemon zest.


From Granny Smith to Red Delicious, apple makes for a delightfully crisp aroma.


Remember playing with pebbles as a child and giving them a lick out of curiosity?


Fuzzy peach candies, or real-life fuzzy peaches fresh from a fresh B.C fruit stand.

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