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Château Pech-Céleyran Cuvée Ombline Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains

  • Alc. 12.5%

  • Pays d'Oc

  • France

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The Château Pech-Céleyran wine estate has been owned by the Saint-Exupéry family for five generations and is located in France’s Pays d’Oc region. The 96 hectare vineyard is on and around the hill known as "Le Pech". The land and traditions have been passed on through generations and the domaine is still a family-owned business. As with many other wineries, Château Pech-Céleyran is also home to a beautiful inn, which acts as a welcoming temporary home for wine lovers from around the world. The estate grows grapes and produces their wines with a great respect for the environment. The two types of climate in their vineyards are humid, with maritime influences; and dry, with northerly winds that keep the grapes dry to prevent pests and disease. The winds also bathe the vineyards in the scents of the surrounding scrubland, which influences the aromatic complexity in their wines. They are in one of the sunniest and windiest regions of France, where the diligent blending gives their wine a lovely brightness. This fresh wine can be served chilled at 8 C, from now until 2022.


This wine works well as an aperitif, but would also match well with a grilled pork chop with a peach chutney.

Aromas and Flavours


Fuzzy peach candies, or real-life fuzzy peaches fresh from a fresh B.C fruit stand.


Sweet and fruity, with a particular flavour/scent that resembles persimmons


Common in cool climate white wines, this aroma can range from fresh citrus to lemon zest.


As refreshing as aromas come, the smell of grapefruit is purely invigorating.


When was the last time you raked up all the leaves in your yard and jumped in the pile?

Handling and Serving
Serving Temperature
2021 - 2022