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Ego Bodegas Goru

Monastrell, Syrah, Petit Verdot

  • Alc. 14.0%

  • Jumilla

  • Spain

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New Vintage! This wine was previously featured in the store, but is back by popular demand! You may have noticed that we write about the oak treatments a wine may undergo and wondered, what does that even mean? Ageing wine in oak has several purposes; to add flavour, allow the wine to be exposed to oxygen in a controlled environment, and provide a place for malolactic fermentation to occur. The amount and type of flavour you experience from the oak depends on a few factors about the barrel - the age (how many times it has been used), the size, and the amount of time the wine spends in barrel. There are also other factors to consider; American or European oak, the forest and subspecies of oak and the cooper's style and toasting methods. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details of the forest or the cooper (the barrel maker), there are a few basic ways you can identify oak treatments. For example, second/third use, or neutral barrels will transpose fewer flavours, whereas newer oak gives more vanilla and toasty smokiness. The type of oak also dictates what kind of flavours you will find; American oak will show stronger vanilla and coconut flavours. European oak (typically French or Slovenian) is more subtle because the wood grain is finer/denser. The mouthfeel can also be related to how long a wine "spends in oak". The longer the ageing, the more integrated the flavours become while the tannins mellow, creating a more opulent mouthfeel. Ego Bodegas uses American oak, which is best for bigger, bolder red wines that can handle the stronger oak influences and flavours, and more oxygenation. The Gorú red blend undergoes just four months in oak, giving notes of oak treatment but not in an overpowering way. Still quite young, this wine could hang out in your cellar until 2026, but we suggest enjoying this year after 30 minutes in your decanter, serve at 18 C.


With the body being on the fuller side of medium, and solid tannins, this wine is perfect for a meaty entrée. All varietals here are great BBQ matches, so we are craving burger night. Amp it up with caramelized onions, tomato jam or smoky BBQ sauce, melty gouda and your favourite fixings.

Aromas and Flavours

Black currant

Sometimes also referred to as 'cassis', this black fruit tasting note is common in red wines.


Fresh B.C. cherries out of the back of a truck, all eaten before you can get them home!


Sweet, fruity and sensual, similar stone fruit aromas to a peach, but without the 'fuzziness'.


Spreading grandma's homemade jam on your morning toast (yes, the bread was homemade too).


Tangy or sweet, juicy or tart: more sophisticated than a strawberry, but just as lush.

Handling and Serving
Serving Temperature
2024 - 2026