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Sciò Bianco

Catarratto Grecanico

  • Alc. 10.5%

  • Sicily

  • Italy

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Sicilian wines are finally getting the international recognition they deserve, and we couldn't be happier about it! The island off the toe of Italy, long considered to produce workmanlike but rarely exciting wines, is in the midst of a quality renaissance. Recognition of the island's unique volcanic soils, and the unmistakable character of the resulting wine, has sparked an explosion of investment and a renewed focus on quality. Scio Bianco comes from Cantina Europa, one of the island's most historic and important cooperatives. Member growers pool their harvests, and under the watchful eye of a dedicated team of winemakers, Grecanico and Catarratto are fermented separately in stainless steel tanks before being blended. The final wine is a celebration of two of Sicily's most important white grapes. It's refreshing and bright, a great alternative to Pinot Grigio. Enjoy over the next year at a well-chilled 6 C.


Scio Bianco's vibrant acidity would make it a match for pasta in a sun-dried tomato pesto, but it would also be lovely paired with fresh shellfish.

Aromas and Flavours


Common in cool climate white wines, this aroma can range from fresh citrus to lemon zest.


A romantic picnic in the orchard, with your partner and their favourite white wine.


From Granny Smith to Red Delicious, apple makes for a delightfully crisp aroma.


All of you home-bakers out there will recognize this smell the next time you use marzipan.


Remember playing with pebbles as a child and giving them a lick out of curiosity?

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