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Giuliana Vicini Rosato




Giuliana Vicini Rosato


Colline Pescaresi, Italy

Alc. 12 %

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The wine area of Abruzzo is on the far eastern side of Italy, across the mountains from Rome. The specific region where this wine hails from is called Colline Pescaresi, which lands in the hills behind the coastal town of Pescara. This winery has some interesting historical significance: a wine cave on the eastern wall of the winery was actually used as a bomb shelter for the Ciavolich family during World War II.

Winemaker Chiara Ciavolich made this wine in honour of her aunt, Giuliana, who gifted the land to her. Giuliana had wanted to be a winemaker, but back in those days, it was sadly not an option for women. The proviso was that she use the land to make wines without pretension, at prices that were accessible to most people. Chiara started a label named just for Giuliana. Just over 10 years ago, she took over the modernizing of the winery, and today Chiara prides herself on making wines that have a modern approach, while honouring traditional philosophies.

This wine should be served chilled at 8 C, and can be enjoyed from now until 2022.


Bright red-fruit aromas of candied strawberry, tart cranberry, and raspberry burst from the glass of this attractively-coloured rosé. There's a faint floral component that will appeal to fans of Provence rosé, alone with a hint of nectarine and orange peel.


Juicy red-fruit notes are the star of the show for this fresh, vibrant rosé. There are flavours of wild strawberry and red cherry, candied watermelon, blood orange, and hints wet stone. The finish is dry and refreshing, with balanced acidity and subtle creaminess. Perfect for hot weather, but this also has enough weight and texture to be a great option for fall!


This rosé is incredibly versatile, and would pair well with Turkish köfte kebabs, a grilled salmon salad, or spicy pork tacos.

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