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Counterpoint Brut NV

Pinot Noir Chardonnay

  • Alc. 11.5%

  • South Australia

  • Australia

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At WineCollective, we're firm believers that you don't need a special occasion to pop open a bottle of delicious sparkling wine, so we're always on the hunt for bubbles that over-deliver on quality at an everyday price point. Our latest find is Counterpoint Brut NV, a charming blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from South Australia. Sourced from a single vineyard, and made using two of the three grapes traditionally used in Champagne, Counterpoint has a small amount of back-vintage base wine blended in to maintain a consistent house style. Cool fermentation and the absence of malolactic conversion ensure a final wine that's fresh and balanced, perfect for everyday enjoyment. Serve at a very well-chilled 6 C and enjoy over the next year or so.


Ideal as an aperitif, this would pair beautifully with anything from puff-pastry canapés to lighter seafood mains.

Aromas and Flavours


From Granny Smith to Red Delicious, apple makes for a delightfully crisp aroma.


Common in cool climate white wines, this aroma can range from fresh citrus to lemon zest.


Fuzzy peach candies, or real-life fuzzy peaches fresh from a fresh B.C fruit stand.


That yeasty, slightly sour aroma that embodies the promise of freshly baked bread.


Remember playing with pebbles as a child and giving them a lick out of curiosity?

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